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We started this blog to compliment the Casual Elegance Photography Blog.  Lately we have concentrated on the other blog but let me assure you that we are very linked.  Please check our other blog to see the latest updates!


B-PICS – BRIDAL BOUDOIR — A growing trend!

In the past few weeks we have booked at least 4 Bridal Boudoir shoots. This trend seems to be growing and we’re happy to see it. The feedback we have received from the brides who have shot with us is “WOW – he was floored!!!” “His jaw dropped and he really loved them, especially the one we shot last, you know the one I’m talking about” “He absolutely LOVED THEM”. In a typical B-Pic shoot we try a bunch of poses – teasing ones, pure sexy ones, fun ones, and classic ones. Sometimes the bride to be wants to do a striptease as we capture the stages of it. Other times just the placement of the lingerie or props such as sheets can tease and create a feeling of wanting to see more. It’s all a matter of what the bride to be wants to say in the shots. We have had brides bring in their veil and shoot with it and nothing else or with some white lingerie. Again, it’s all a matter of personal preference. We’re loving this new trend. Call us or email us today to schedule your Bridal Boudoir Shoot!

Good Questions to ask when you hire a photographer or anyone else for that matter!

I received a call from a potential client today and I was actually very delighted that she had such a good list of questions for me before she would hire a photographer. She had done her homework and said that she wanted to be sure she was dealing with a professional business. Here are some of the questions she asked. 1. Do you have a business license? (yes – in Sandy Springs where my studio is) 2. Are you a corporation and in which state? (yes – Mark L. Anderson, LLC – Georgia – DBA Casual Elegance Photography®) 3. Do you have insurance? (yes – liability and loss of property) 4. When did you start the business? (2000) 5. Do you have a Website? – she was referred by a friend (yes – 6. Can I meet with you ahead of the shoot and see your studio? (yes – I encourage that) 7. Do you have a Makeup Artist? (yes – I utilize the services of several in the area but work closely with 3 – all licensed estheticians) 8. Can I bring someone to the shoot with me? (YES – I highly encourage you to do that) 9. Will my photos be sold or used by you? ( NO! I do not use client images. If a client wants me to use an image I require them to sign an agreement for me to do so. I don’t even allow anyone other than the client to order prints or a CD) She had a bunch more questions but they were related to the process, the shoot, and the timing. As I said, I was delighted that she was taking the task of hiring a photographer so seriously and I gladly answered her questions. It made me very happy that I had followed all the right steps to build my business correctly. Visit our website to learn more about Casual Elegance Photography® and read our client testimonials.

Nude Photography Business

It’s interesting how the Nude/Boudoir/Intimate Photography business runs in cycles. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now and it’s always been a “feast or famine” business. There are weeks that I can’t keep up with the number of shoots, and other weeks when I find myself doing all the maintenance choirs I neglect when I have a “feast” week. I guess all businesses have their cycles too, but having come from Corporate life, the cycles in this business are so very interesting. But, I LOVE WHAT I DO so I’m so very willing to continue to live with the cycles and continue to do photo shoots that change people’s lives and make them happy. Visit my website and book your appointment today! (The holidays are drawing near – plan your Naughty or Nice shoot today!)

Bridal boudoir – plan ahead!

There is a boom in the bridal boudoir photography venue lately.  Just a reminder that if you are getting married during the holiday season you need to allow plenty of time to get your boudoir pics taken, and back to you before your big day.  The holidays are always a busy time in general, but the demand for boudoir photography sessions always peaks at that time of year.  To make sure you can get an appointment that fits your schedule, plan ahead!   In fact, we just got a call from a bride who needs her pictures in April – and she wanted to make sure she had plenty of time to get her shoot scheduled.  Now THAT is what we call planning ahead!

For the finest in boudoir, glamour, and artistic nude photography check out our website, and give us a call to schedule your session.
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Busy day today!

Whatever happened to sleeping late on Saturdays?  Off we go – glamour shoot this morning, CD cover shoot this afternoon, and client consult at the end of the day.

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Glad we moved the studio when we did!

Atlanta has experienced a week of torrential rains unlike anything we’ve seen in the 16 years we’ve been here. Scenes on the news look like we’ve been through a tropical storm or hurricane, but the reality is that it was just 8 days of pretty steady, heavy, rain. Apparantly two weather systems met each other and then just got stuck. Lucky us!

And I do mean lucky! For the first time ever we had water in our basement – which USED to be my studio! Had this happened a few weeks ago, all my lights, cameras, computers, props – literally my entire studio would have been in the water

Meanwhile here I sit at home, making appointments for photoshoots that span the next month, knowing my studio is high and dry and ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. If I hadn’t made the decision to move I don’t know when I’d be back in business!

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