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The Boudoir Blog and Casual Elegance Photography

We started this blog to compliment the Casual Elegance Photography Blog.  Lately we have concentrated on the other blog but let me assure you that we are very linked.  Please check our other blog to see the latest updates!


B-PICS – BRIDAL BOUDOIR — A growing trend!

In the past few weeks we have booked at least 4 Bridal Boudoir shoots. This trend seems to be growing and we’re happy to see it. The feedback we have received from the brides who have shot with us is “WOW – he was floored!!!” “His jaw dropped and he really loved them, especially the one we shot last, you know the one I’m talking about” “He absolutely LOVED THEM”. In a typical B-Pic shoot we try a bunch of poses – teasing ones, pure sexy ones, fun ones, and classic ones. Sometimes the bride to be wants to do a striptease as we capture the stages of it. Other times just the placement of the lingerie or props such as sheets can tease and create a feeling of wanting to see more. It’s all a matter of what the bride to be wants to say in the shots. We have had brides bring in their veil and shoot with it and nothing else or with some white lingerie. Again, it’s all a matter of personal preference. We’re loving this new trend. Call us or email us today to schedule your Bridal Boudoir Shoot!

Bridal boudoir – plan ahead!

There is a boom in the bridal boudoir photography venue lately.  Just a reminder that if you are getting married during the holiday season you need to allow plenty of time to get your boudoir pics taken, and back to you before your big day.  The holidays are always a busy time in general, but the demand for boudoir photography sessions always peaks at that time of year.  To make sure you can get an appointment that fits your schedule, plan ahead!   In fact, we just got a call from a bride who needs her pictures in April – and she wanted to make sure she had plenty of time to get her shoot scheduled.  Now THAT is what we call planning ahead!

For the finest in boudoir, glamour, and artistic nude photography check out our website, and give us a call to schedule your session.
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New Studio Boudoir Shoots are getting GREAT feedback!!!

After months of searching for “just the right location” for Casual Elegance Photography’s new studio, and all our hard work to make sure it gave our clients a private and comfortable environment for their photo sessions, we still held our breath when we opened the doors and started shooting there.

So we have been delighted with the feedback we are getting from our clients – in all areas. Boudoir, Glamour, Artistic nudes, B-Pics, Maternity, Headshots, Commercial – new clients and repeat clients, as well as our makeup artists, all have had wonderful things to say about our new “digs”.

If you’d like to schedule a shoot – visit our website and send us an email or give us a call.

Couples nude photoshoot at Casual Elegance Photography

WOW! WOW! WOW!  Just had a fantastic artistic nude photoshoot with a couple who wanted images that they could display on the walls of their brand new townhouse.  They were wonderful to work with and their bodies blended beautifully to create some awesome black-and-white images that will look fantastic printed on silver oxide.  The symmetry of their bodies and the connection these two had, made my job as a photographer very easy.  Can’t wait to see the prints when they come back from the lab!  Unfortunately, you won’t see these pics on our site, because, as we have stated before, we never use clients photos on our site unless they request that we do so, and give written permission.  The photos we take are for our clients personal use only.  Want to see how fantastic a couples photoshoot can be?  Call us and book a session – you won’t be disappointed!
Casual Elegance Photography

Hesitant to do boudoir or art nude photos? Watch How to Look Good Naked! – by Ruth

I wrote about this show months ago – but the first season had already ended.  Now that the new season has started it bears repeating, because every woman who has body issues of any sort should watch this show!

How To Look Good Naked airs on the Lifetime channel.  Carson Kressley, a native of Pennsylvania whom I just love, hosts the show.  He makes me laugh and he is so compassionate and gentle of spirit.  Each week the show focuses on a different woman with body issues.  It can move you to tears to hear them talk about themselves so keep the tissues handy!!  He works with the women throughout the show, addressing the flaws they see in themselves, and slowly building their self confidence.  At the end of the show they do a photoshoot – naked.  And they LOVE IT!  As I said in another post, Mark and makeup artist Lisa were talking about the show one day after a photoshoot and they said “That’s what WE do”!   The truth is, if you want to feel empowered and extraordinary about yourself, book a boudoir, glamour or artistic nude photoshoot with Casual Elegance Photography!  Read the testimonials on our website http://www.casualelegancephotography.com and you’ll see what I mean!

Need Boudoir or Nude Photos as a gift? Plan ahead!

A phone call I received yesterday reminded me to write a little blurb about the timing of doing a photoshoot when you have a deadline in mind for needing your prints!  If you’re doing a boudoir, glamour, or artistic nude photoshoot as a gift for a certain occasion, be sure to schedule it with enough time to have your prints back.  We work with a small professional lab that works only with professional photographers.  They produce outstanding quality prints, and require about 8 to 10 business days to turn around a job, depending on job size. Planning ahead is always the best option, BUT if you have a last minute “lightbulb moment” about giving a gift of beautiful and romantic photographs to your special someone – have no fear – we can still make it happen!

In yesterday’s case, the request was for a boudoir, art nude session, with prints for a birthday gift – and the birthday is this Saturday!  Since there is no way to have the prints back by then, we’re doing the shoot today, and then I will edit the shots and have them on a CD to be given as a “teaser”, with the prints to follow in a few days. 

Over the years we have found that our clients are thrilled to discover that they have that option when they’ve waited a bit too long to schedule, or have come up with the idea at the last moment.   So if you are thinking of doing boudoir or nude photographs remember to call for an appointment with plenty of time to spare.